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Letter and Coffee

A weekly, experimental newsletter

I have been blogging on this page since July 2011 when I wrote an article on using principles from evolution in development. Since then, I have published 117 blog posts and in 2020 I had almost 10,000 views from 6,300 visitors. It has been fun, but I have also always struggled to put meaningful content onto the blog. My intention has never been to publish a blog post every day – I actually stopped following people who do that as I can’t handle it. I have always seen my blog as a place to ponder ideas and think out loud. Yet there has always been a threshold to get writing as I still somehow felt that a blog post needed to have something substantial and mature to say – even though I’m also aware that whatever I write is never finished. In order to overcome this threshold, I decided to pause blogging – for the time being at least – and try a new format. From the week of 19 April, I will start a weekly newsletter.

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