Doing Development Differently #DDD

I have been loosely following the Doing Development Differently movement. I also signed up to the DDD manifesto. I think it is a great initiative and I would encourage you to follow it and sign their manifesto if you agree. It is very much in line with applying complexity thinking to development and getting out of the rigid project/logframe frameworks.

Here are a couple of snippets by people that participated in a recent event at Harvard University.

I like Duncan Green’s statement that we just have to learn to live with uncertainty and ambiguity. There just isn’t something like clear cut results that can without doubt be attributed to a project that engaged in a complex situation. In the end, it’s not about us, it’s about the positive change we can contribute to.

1 thought on “Doing Development Differently #DDD

  1. cheulrico

    Thank you Marcus to raise (my) awareness about #differentdev

    The metaphor of “navigating in a sea of uncertainty” captures quite well my feeling working in development.

    The people in the video make very clear how difficult is it to follow and embrace this different approach in an environment where the mayor part of the development industry is looking certainty and the achievement of plans and predefined indicators. At the same time is is encouraging the see that many people in development are open for a new approach.

    I will follow from now on more closely the #differentdev debate


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